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Climate - Weather Research and Forecasting Model
  • CWRF is a Climate extension of the Weather Research and Forecasting model (WRF):
  • Inherits all WRF functionalities for NWP while enhancing the capability to predict climate, thus has unified applications for both weather forecast and climate prediction.
  • CWRF incorporates a grand ensemble of alternative physics schemes:
  • Contains more than 1024 of alternative physics configurations representing interactions between surface (land, ocean), planetary boundary layer, cumulus (deep, shallow), microphysics, cloud, aerosol, and radiation.
  • Facilitates the use of an optimized physics ensemble approach to improve weather forecast or climate prediction along with a reliable uncertainty estimate.
  • Weights individual members by their skills resolving past observations to provide strong constraints on the ensemble prediction of future outcome.
  • CWRF provides a societal service capability for climate impacts:
  • Meets the actual need of stakeholders for credible information on natural resource changes at regional-local scales.
  • Couples the predictive ability for terrestrial hydrology, coastal ocean, UV radiation, crop growth, air quality, water quality, ecosystem.